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Do not let banks, insurers or other vendors make too much money on your bills. Get rid of overpriced loans, electricity, internet or shopping. It’s easy. It’s online. It’s automatic.

„An average Czech household loses over 30K annually in vain. Patron app can fix that.“

I’m Patron,
the guardian of your wallet.

I can search and destroy all overpriced expenses. I’m fully automated. Save money without leaving comfort of your couch. One app does all the trick. Pay less. It is your right. Save up to 30K every year.

Numbers speak
for themselves

Take a look at how Patron is doing

Financial viruses discovered

146 222

Active users

76 556

Total savings

20 823 232 €

Download your
personal financial antivirus

Patron automatically checks all your payments and reveals overpriced items within seconds. We call them financial viruses. Get rid of them right in the app. Carefully selected specialists will help you along the way. Why keep losing your money when you worked so hard to earn them?

Get rewarded

I value your financial health. Get rewarded for all transactions that are virus-free. Exchange your points for any merchandise you like.

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